Budget Watch Collecting/Timex model names

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Timex model names:

Men's and boy's models: Electric (Back set)

Marlin--Men's waterproof, 11/16" strap.

Mercury--Men's round non-waterproof, 11/16 strap

Monroe--Rectangular non-waterproof, 11/16 strap

Sportster--Boy's waterproof, 1/2" strap

Sprite: Men's small waterproof, 5/8 strap

Super-thin/Wafer-thin 11/16 strap, no sweep second. Case was tapered, far thinner at the edges than the middle.

Viscount--Automatic (self-wind) 11/16 strap, thicker than Marlin or Mercury

21 Series--Available in both regular--similar to Marlin and Self-wind, similar to Viscount

400--Similar to 21, but with either Seiko or Laco-Durow 17 jewel movement. These movements were almost certainly superior to the 21.

Women's watches are harder to identify by series--While the series each had usual characteristics, all but the 17 jewel have watches that would appear to fit better in one of the other series.

Cavatina came in traditional strap, cord or expansion (same watch, different band) with only a few integrated bands. High-fashion appeared to be mostly integrated bands. both Cavatina and High Fashion were mostly dress watches. Petites were on 1/2' straps, round dials with round or tonneau cases, a bit sportier, or more everyday. The 17 jewel was round, generally smaller than the other styles, and with an 11/32 or 13/32 strap.