Budget Watch Collecting/Budget Watch Repair, restoration and maintenance

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Budget Watch Collecting/Learning to fix watches

Budget Watch Collecting/Removing the movement

Budget Watch Collecting/Plastic crystal polishing

Budget Watch Collecting/Plastic crystal replacement

Budget Watch Collecting/Timex movement clean and lube Modified from the official 1966 Timex procedure, applies to other similar watches

Jeweled movement clean and lube Similar content needs to be written for this book, but in the meantime this is an excellent resource.

Seiko service data Includes oil charts for many Seiko models.

DIY Dial printing

Budget Watch Collecting/Quicky lube

Budget Watch Collecting/Removing hands

Budget Watch Collecting/Removing the dial

Budget Watch Collecting/Watch battery interchange

Budget Watch Collecting/Repainting/reluming hands

Budget Watch Collecting/Tool list

Budget Watch Collecting/Regulating

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