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 Level 5
Lesson 5

Level 6

Level 6
Lesson 1

Brezhoneg C'hwec'h

Brittany landscape. Plougernev.

Brezhoneg C'hwec'h

"Brezhoneg C'hwec'h" is the sixth course in the Breton textbook. In this advanced course, students are introduced to elaborate grammar complements and some colloquial texts.
Bilingual school sign

Made in "Breizh"

"Flat stones" Locmariaquer


In the context of overall economic crisis, unemployment and anxiety, the Breton people perceive the fact of being Breton as comparatively advantageous. Being Breton equates to being known. The Bretons are aware that they are known throughout the world, that their reputation is for the most part good (this has been confirmed by opinion polls), and that their produce too is well regarded. So, from an economic point of view, the Breton identity is starting to appear worthwhile : for the company bosses, farmers and fishermen it is becoming a lure in itself. The eye is drawn by labels on agricultural or marine products. One does one's best to please, and sells one's charm. Thus one manager in a co-operative union explained : "We pay for our large foreign customers to come and visit Brittany so that they can see the beauty of our countryside and then buy more of our products because they associate them with the countryside.

Breton girl


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