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Breton/Level 2/Lesson 5

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Lesson 5/Kentell Pemp : Goulennoù[edit | edit source]

Here are the main ways of asking a question.

  • Piv (Who) "piu"
  • Pe (What) "pe"
  • Pelec'h | (Where, literally "What place") "pelex"
  • Petra (What, literally "What thing") "petra"
  • Pegoulz (When, literally "What period" "peguls"
  • Penaos (How) "penaoz"
  • Perag (Why, literally "What cause") "perag"

What: Pe, Petra[edit | edit source]

You will notice there are two ways of saying "what" in Breton; pe and petra.
Pe only goes with a noun. And petra only goes with verbs. Petra is really a construction from "pe + tra".

Eg.[edit | edit source]

Pe gador? Which/What chair?
Petra emaomp ni o'ch ober? What are we doing?

They're all translated as "what" in English, but are they are put together with different words.

Some questions[edit | edit source]

Petra eo hemañ? What is this? (Note: "Is" is a part of the verb "to be")
Petra eo hennezh? What is that?
Pe anv ho peus? What is your name? (lit. What name have you?)
Pe hini? Which one?