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Who are you ? / Who is he ?[edit]

Brezhoneg English
Piv eo ? Who is he ?
Yannig eo ! It's Yannig !
Piv out ? Who are you (singular) ?
Me eo Yannig ! I am Yannig !
Yannig eo va anv ! My name is Yannig !

What are you doing ?[edit]

Brezhoneg English
Petra a ra Yannig ? What is Yannig doing ?
Yannig a lenn. Yannig reads.
Lenn a ra. He reads.
Petra a lenn Yannig ? What is Yannig reading ?
Yannig a lenn "Ya!". Yannig reads "Ya!" (Breton newspaper).
Lenn a ra "Ya!". He reads "Ya!".



Brezhoneg English
Me I, me
Te You (one person)
He, him
Hi She, her
Ni We, us
C’hwi You (plural)
Int They, them


Brezhoneg English
Eo Is (copula)
Me eo I am
A ra Do
N’eo ket eñ/hi... ? Isn’t he/she/it... ?


Brezhoneg English
Piv ? Who?
Pelec’h ? Where?
Petra/Pe ? What?
Pet eur ? When, what time?
Perak ? Why?


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