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Major Characters (in order of appearance)[edit]

Thomas "Tomakin"[edit]

The Alpha who is Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning. He is eventually revealed as the father of John

Henry Foster[edit]

Henry is an Alpha who is administrator at the London Hatchery. At the beginning of the book, he is Lenina's partner.

Lenina Crowne[edit]

Lenina is a Beta-plus who at first is dating Henry Foster, but later dates Bernard and John in the book. Although she finds the latter two attractive, she finds their personality and beliefs to be "queer".

Bernard Marx[edit]

Bernard Marx is an Alpha-plus psychologist who specializes in hypnopaedia. He is disgusted by the culture of ignorance and hedonism that surrounds him.

Helmholtz Watson[edit]

An Alpha-plus, who like his friend Bernard, feels different from the rest of society. He is a lecturer at the College of Engineering.

John "The Savage"[edit]

The son of Thomas and Linda, he is an outcast both on the "savage" reservation and in civilization.


A doctor from the village. He specializes in plastic surgery. He rescues Lenina from the jungle and begins singing her a lullaby from his days in the marines. He and Lenina later marry and become disc jockeys in Lithuania.


The mother of John, she is disliked on the reservation because of her "civilized" behavior.

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