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Look at your hand, especially at each point that the hand bends, these are potential palming locations.

Magic Palming.png

As you can see there are a number of areas that can be used for palming. Each point that the hand bends provides a point of grip for holding a coin. For example if you look at the fore finger, there are three areas that bend, each of which can hold a coin in edge palm position. There are also two areas between the bends that can hold coins in standard palm position. Palming is an art of hiding necessary items without the knowledge of others it can be used in most of the sleight of hands. If you have a smooth hand you can easily practice palming. This can be start by trying to palm a coin in the center of the palm. Want to try?, first place a coin in the center of your palm and try to hold in by shrinking your fingers. No you are not allowed to fold your fingers at first it would be obvious that you are having something in the hand,

But... after a little practice you will be able to keep a neutral positioned palm and still can keep coins small balls inside the palm even without your knowledge,, I tried to keep coins in my hand for six to seven hours a day with out anybody knows even typing this I have a One dhs coin in my hand.