Biomedical Engineering Theory And Practice/Biomechanics V

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Biomedical Engineering Theory And Practice
Biomechanics IV Biomechanics V Rehabilitation Engineering

Mechanics of Blood Microcirculation[edit]

Mechanics of Hematocytes[edit]

Scanning electron micrograph of blood cells. From left to right: human erythrocyte, thrombocyte (platelet), leukocyte.

Newtonian fluid flows[edit]

Red cells[edit]

White cells[edit]

Mechanics of Tissue/Lymphatic Transport[edit]

Transcapillary Filtration[edit]

Starling Pressures and Edema Prevention[edit]

Interstitial Fluid Transport[edit]

Lymphatic Architecture[edit]

Lymphatic Morphology[edit]

Lymphatic Network Display[edit]

The Intraluminal (Secondary) Lymphatic Valves[edit]

The Primary Lymphatic Valves[edit]

Mechanics of Lymphatic Valves[edit]

Lymph Formation and Pump Mechanisms[edit]

Tissue Mechanical Motion and Lymphatic Pumping[edit]

A Lymph Pump Mechanism with Primary and Secondary Valves[edit]

Further Reading[edit]