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About this book[edit]

This book is an Introductory Biology book designed to be easy to read.

If you just wish to get a general understanding of Biological concepts, you might want to try reading just the easy pages.

To browse this book, go to the Table of Contents or perhaps you would like to browse the Topic Index. This book also has an Index of Questions that have been answered in the book to make browsing for specific topics easier.

Levels of Detail[edit]

Biology is a vast subject. There are many levels of detail that one can cover even within an introductory biology class. In order to make it easy to judge the level of detail covered, the text pages are color coded by difficulty level. Green pages should be easily understood by young or casual readers. Orange pages require a bit of background knowledge. Purple pages are designed for college level students. The pages are marked on the index by colored leavesLeafgreen40.jpg, and on the pages by a solid bar across the top of the page.


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