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About Big Ideas

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The basis of this book is the Idea. This is an important concept to take note of. It could be a definition, it could be an equation, it could be a principle, it could be a law, or it could be an important concept.

Idea. Ideas show up in boxes such as these.

Ideas build up to form a Big Idea: an Idea that represents the heart of the topic. A Big Idea represents the topic fully.

Big Idea. Big Ideas show up in boxes like these.

When scientists studied the world, they had their own ideas. When many ideas were placed together, they formed theories, fields of physics, even branches of science themselves. This is what motivates this book: ideas and concepts. Ideas and Big Ideas help the reader build up their concepts like physicists did before: through concepts and principles.

Who This Book is For

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This book is aimed at middle school and high school students. It does not go too much in equations requiring much trigonometry or calculus, but rather, it focuses on the concepts in physics.

About This Book

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Big Idea Physics is about the concept and the principle. Physics cannot be where it is today if not for ideas. Big Idea Physics wants to show its readers where physics came from: ideas.