Beginner's Guide to Adobe Flash/Filters and Blend Modes/Saving Presets and Combining Filters

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Saving Presets and Combining Filters[edit]

If you combine multiple filters to an item, they are rendered in the order they appear in the list. This means that when you change the order of the filters, you change the way the finished product will appear. You can always go back to the settings for each filter if you want to change it later.

The Presets option is useful if you have found a specific combination or filters or a custom filter that you like and would like to use again in the future.

Here are a few steps you can use to save a filter combination, or filter setting.

1. Select an item with filters applied to it that you would like to save.

2. Click on the plus icon in the Filters panel to bring up the filter menu. From the Presets menu, select "Save As".

3. Enter the name you wish your preset to have and click OK.

4. The new preset will be added to the Presets menu, with any other saved Presets you might have. You can now apply the preset filter or filters to anything else you wish.