Beginner's Guide to Adobe Flash/Components/Data

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DataHolder: Lets you tell Flash to watch certain data values and let you know when they change.

DataSet: Lets you work with other component data (sort component data, search it, filter it, as well as data pulled in from a serverside program.)

RDBMSResolver: You use this component in conjunction with the DataSet component to save the data you collect in Flash to a relational database running on a server.

WebService Connector: Lets you access remote (server-side) APIs that conform to the industry-standard Simple Object Access Protocol from inside a running Flash Animation.

XMLConnector: Lets you hook up Flash components with external XML data sources by letting you read and write XML documents.

XUpdateResolver: Works with the DataSet component to let you save the data you collect in Flash to an external XUpdate -supporting data source, such as an XML database.