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Request for Help[edit | edit source]

Beekeeping is designed as a collaborative book based on beekeeping and apiary practices. It exists as a guide to both beginners and experts alike. However if there are any experts in the audience we ask that you donate some of your time to help this project out by submitting some text or media. Every additional amount of text is helpful, whether it be a simply adding missing punctuation or the addition of great body of text. This book cannot evolve on its own; it requires your help. Please don’t be discouraged even if you are not an expert; if you have something to add then please do so. Any help is appreciated.

Submitting Text[edit | edit source]

Articles can be submitted in the same manner as any other Wiki submission, with one minor difference. Article links must be formed with a prefix of “Beekeeping” followed by a slash “/”. In example to submit a link about beekeeping fashion you must do the following


Linking is done similarly to that of Namespace linking, in essence Beekeeping functions similarly to a namespace while not actually being one.

For a general reference guide of editing Wiki pages visit the How_to_edit_a_page page.

New Book[edit | edit source]

Beekeeping is a new book. Because of this you will see a rather copious amount of red text, please help us by adding a missing article.

If It’s Missing Add It[edit | edit source]

If at any time you see that an article is missing, feel free to add it or add a request for it. Occasionally subjects can be overlooked and may not be added, other times no one has simply taken the time to add one, take the initiative and do so.

Stand Back and Take a Bow[edit | edit source]

If you have submitted anything to Beekeeping please add your name and any comments you might have to the Contributors list. Any added info you can relay in regards to your experience or background with bees would be an added plus.