NUances of fantasy

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The cover of publication (author's design)

NUances of fantasy — art-album of Russian traveler and photographer Viktor Pinchuk (where the first two letters of title mean in Russian, French and some other languages ​​— the name of the genre).

Includes a selection of fantasy works in the nude genre and an introductory article — reasoning about the meaning of fine-art photography.

About the edition[edit | edit source]

Collages, processed by graphic editors, turned into picturesque paintings. Just as the pitch darkness of the night, dissolving into a purple dawn, will gradually saturated with the bright orange colors of the day, the theme of the album smoothly moves from surrealism to reality with a slight admixture of romanticism and a philosophical outlook on life.

General information[edit | edit source]

  • Year of publication: 2018.
  • Number of pages: 100 (illustration) + 8 (text).
  • Printed on (material): coated paper.
  • Illustrated by: Viktor Pinchuk.
  • Author of the introductory article: Viktor Pinchuk.
  • Color of illustrations: color (87); black and white (13).
  • Language of the book: Russian.
  • Genre: nude (art).
  • Theme: Art, art photography.
  • Place of publication: Simferopol.
  • Additional data: ISBN 978-5-9909912-2-4.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

External Links[edit | edit source]

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