Basics of fine-art photography/Interior photography in hobo tours

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Free "hotel", Eua Island, Tonga (photo from book "Two months of wandering and 14 days behind bars", p 70)

Interior photography in hobo tours is an informal genre that combines elements of interior photography and ruins photography.

General information[edit | edit source]

This is a direction of photographic art known to only a few: those who are involved in photography and bum tourism at the same time.

A characteristic feature is the shocking for viewer, unusual, destroying stereotypes about staying on foreign trips, the display of accommodation facilities. The presence in the frame of the "bed" of an international tramp is an additional detail, without which a photograph of this type would look less documentary.

Ways of implementation[edit | edit source]

The space where you are going to take your pictures is not always sufficiently lit by natural light, so you'll need a flash. You should preferably use a wide-angle lens (which always important for interior photography) in order to capture as much space as possible, but if you don't have one, you can applied a normal lens.

In any case, the compositional solution is of paramount importance, the correctness of which, combined with the storyline, will be decide by the viewer's imagination, turning your photo work into a separate story.

Gallery[edit | edit source]