Ethiopia through the eyes of traveler

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Exhibition poster

Ethiopia through the eyes of a traveler — fourth personal exhibition of the photographer and traveler Viktor Pinchuk, which was held from 4 to 18 October 2006 in the Crimean Artist's House (Simferopol), where the regional branch of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine was located, in the referral of which author visited the African country.

General information

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At the vernissage 30 works were presented, most of them belonging to genre photography: everyday subjects, street scenes, images of ordinary people. Visitors saw caught moments from the lives of natives — Mursi women who pierce their lower lips at an early age in order to carry a ceramic saucer in it for the rest of their lives; market traders; homeless people and beggars. The material was printed from the film negatives of the analog camera used.


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First creative trip to Dark Continent became embodiment of idea ​​about photo session in Equatorial Africa: Egypt, which served as the subject for the author's first and second personal exhibitions, is inhabited by Arabs, therefore visually looks more like Asia.[1]

Traveling along the route with transfers took several days. [1] The movement of passenger transport here has a peculiarity: during the rainy season, mountain roads covered with terracotta clay are blurred by mudflows — for the driver and passengers are in danger of falling into the precipice, so traffic is temporarily suspended. The above problem, combined with a short period of time remaining before the return flight, was the reason that the plan was only partially fulfilled. [1]

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