Basics of fine-art photography/Creating works in photoart

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Viktor Pinchuk "In the emerald darkness"

Photoart is a type of fine art that combines photography and computer graphics.

General information[edit | edit source]

Photomontage was used at the end of the last century and even earlier, but with the development of computer technology, creative people got unlimited opportunities for realize fantasies.

The photo collages created by the authors of past years have been left far behind, they have been replaced by works of art that are distinguished by a significant processing of the source material, visual effects and a higher artistic level. Sometimes the creations of masters of photoart imitate painting, but the result always based on photography, only in our time, digital has replaced analog image.

If the theme of works has fantasy, fabulous, mystical shades, — photoart intersects with other genres and directions.

Ways of implementation[edit | edit source]

The first and necessary condition is that you, a novice photographer, must have some degree of imagination. The source images can be created on purpose — for the realization of a particular idea or a series of works united by a conceptual idea, or, if you have a stock of ready-made photographs, you can use something from them as raw material.

A positive effect can be achieved by combining two or three source files into one, followed by processing by filters of graphics editors. It is difficult to predict the result, you need improvisation.

To begin with, you can practice creating relatively simple images, examples of which are illustrated in this tutorial article.

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