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The Authors and Editors of this Wikibook[edit | edit source]

If you add content to this book project, thank you! Please consider adding yourself to this authors' list, and don't forget to include a brief bio.

Cadle, Lanette. An Assistant Professor of English at Missouri State University.

Blackard, Julie A.

Brashear. April L.

Brunson, Matthew

Couey, Jeanne]

Do, Sunjoo

Freeseman, Ted. A student at Bowling Green State University in Ohio who graciously contributed some of his early student work for examples.

Goodman, Kelly A.

Hou, Jia

Isackson, Gabriel E.

Maupin, Mary E.

McNeill, Janet L.

Miller, Chaz K.

Pohl, Christina L.

Sandidge, Sarah E

Stewart, Alden D.

Vianese, Isaiah

Walker, Kirk T.

Whitson, Amy D.

Young, Jaimie L.