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Book Citation: The following text on drinks and bartending contains information based on The Official Harvard Student Agencies Bartending Course, Third Edition, ISBN 0-312-25286-2

Frozen drinks, freezes, or blended drinks all refer to drinks made by blending ice, liqueurs, and mixers. Smoothies are popular in many parts of the United States now, and in much the same fashion involve blending ice, juice, and fruit.

Almost any of these can be made virgin by simply removing the alcohol; it is recommended to blend the drinks virgin and pour into a glass with the alcohol waiting. This allows a single, large blender to be made full of the drink and served to minors and other non-drinkers as well as legal drinkers; and also allows you to avoid washing the blender if you're hammering out, say, 4 Piña Coladas for some kids, 1 for the designated driver, and 2 for a couple teachers needing a good nerve relaxant.

Making a blended drink

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Follow the below instructions when mixing a freeze. Remember to use a heavy-duty blender capable of continuously crunching through ice; most residential-quality blenders will quickly dull, wear, or break if given the task of constantly chopping ice cubes into bits and pieces. If you're going for simple preparation at home, make sure the blender you buy can handle ice; if you want to hold parties or open a bar as a small business, get a heavier duty one that can stand the workload.

  • Make sure the blender is off.
  • Stack the blender a quarter full of ice.
  • Begin adding the mixers until the ice just begins to float.
  • Put the lid on. If you're wondering what will happen if you don't, then leave the lid off.
  • Make sure no hair, fingers, or clothing are trapped in the blender or anywhere they can get caught up in.
  • Hold the lid down with one hand.
  • Start the blender at low speed.
  • After a few seconds, switch to high speed until the ingredients are well blended.
  • Pour the mixed drink into the glass, over whatever alcohol is being added.

Blended drinks

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Virgin blended drinks

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