Bartending/Cocktails/Jarabacoa Cocktail

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A Jarabacoa is a cocktail made with spiced rum, honey, lime juice, vanilla, cinnamon, and cola. Jarabacoas are usually served in a cocktail glass or lowball.


  • Mix 6 parts rum, 1 part honey, and 1 part lime juice; heat until honey dissolves.
  • Allow mix to cool.
  • Pour 1 part mix and 1 part cola and a few drops of vanilla extract over ice into martini shaker, shake very gently.
  • Pour into cocktail glass and garnish with a bit of cinnamon.


The history of the Jarabacoa cocktail is unknown, it is named after a municipality in the Dominican Republic. It is speculated that the term was coined by a traveller upon returning from a stay in Jarabacoa.