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A Bloody Mary is a popular cocktail containing vodka, tomato juice, and usually other spices or flavorings such as Worcestershire Sauce,Tabasco sauce, beef consommé or Bouillon Cube, Horseradish, Celery salt, Black pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Lemon Juice, & Celery salt.

Preparation and serving[edit]

A Bloody Mary, as well as the non-alcoholic Virgin Mary, is commonly served in the morning (as are mimosas and screwdrivers).

While there is not much complexity in mixing vodka and tomato juice, more elaborate versions of the drink have become trademarks of the bartenders who make them. A common garnish is a celery stalk when served in a tall glass, often over ice. A beer chaser may also be served with the Bloody Mary, although this varies from region to region.


Bloody Mary recipe courtesy of the New York School of Bartending:

  • 1 oz. to 1 1/2 in a Highball glass filled with ice.
  • Fill glass with tomato juice
  • 1 dash celery salt
  • 1 dash ground black pepper
  • 1 dash Tabasco
  • 2-4 dashes of Lea & Perrin's Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/8 tsp. horseradish (pure, never creamed)
  • Dash of lemon or lime juice

Garnish with celery stalk.

May be shaken vigorously or stirred lazily, as desired. Garnish with a celery stalk; a skewer of olives, pickles, carrots, mushrooms, or other vegetables; or even meat or fish (salami, shrimp, etc.) and cheese (see photos). Occasionally, pickled asparagus spears or pickled beans are also used.

Prepackaged Bloody Mary mixes that combine the spicy, non-alcoholic components of a Bloody Mary are commercially available.


Variations in alcohol[edit]

Bloody Philip 
Thailand Lao Khao (literally white liquor} 80 proof, rice distilled, replacing vodka in equal measure
Bloody Bishop 
Sherry in equal measure to vodka
Bloody Fairy, Red Fairy 
Absinthe replacing the vodka.
Bloody Geisha 
Sake replacing vodka.
Bloody Maria 
Tequila replacing vodka.
Brown Mary or Whiskey Mary 
Whiskey replacing the vodka.
Bloody Pirate 
Dark rum replacing vodka.
Bloody Scotsman 
Scotch replacing vodka.
Bloody Maureen 
Guinness replacing vodka.
Michelada Clementina (or simply "Chelada") 
Mexican beer replacing vodka, usually flavored with a couple of dashes of Worcestershire sauce and Maggi Sauce and Tabasco sauce. Usually the proportion of beer equals the tomato juice.
Ruddy Mary 
Gin replacing vodka. Popular in UK. Sometimes known as a Red Snapper.
Red Eye, Calgary Red Eye, or Saskatchewan Red Eye 
Beer replacing vodka, usually in a 50/50 mixture with Clamato in place of the tomato juice.
Red Eye
1 Pint Glass, 1 Shot Of Vokda, Filled Half Way With Beer, Then Topped Up With Tomato Juice, Then An Egg Cracked In (DO NOT STIR) Then Drunk.
Red Hammer 
Through the 1950s in the north eastern USA, while vodka was scarce, gin instead of vodka was known as a Bloody Mary; once vodka became readily available in those regions, the traditional vodka-based Bloody Mary was known as a Red Hammer for a time
Virgin Mary, Bloody Shame, or Bloody Virgin 
Without alcohol; the second term is commonly used in Australia.

Variations in mixers[edit]

Bloody Bull 
Beef bouillon and tomato juice. The drink originated at Brennan's restaurant in New Orleans and is served at Commander's Palace as well as other Brennan Family Restaurants.
Bull Shot 
Beef bouillon or beef consommé in place of tomato juice. It may also contain salt, pepper, lemon juice, Tabasco sauce and Worcestershire sauce.
Caesar, Bloody Caesar, or Clammy Mary 
Clamato replacing tomato juice, much more popular in Canada than the traditional Bloody Mary.
Bloody Eight or Eight Ball 
V8 replacing tomato juice, or a mixture, usually equal parts
Harry's Original

The original Bloody Mary created at Harry's New York Bar in Paris, was only vodka and tomato juice

Variation in drink format[edit]

Frozen Bloody Mary 
Placed in a blender with ice.
Flaming Bloody Mary 
A small amount of 151 rum is floated on top and a string hangs outside the glass and is ignited for a cold weather drink.
Flaming, Frozen Bloody Mary 
A frozen Bloody Mary is topped with 151 rum and ignited. Also called "Bloody Fire and Ice". (Note be sure to use a ceramic mug to avoid shattered glass)


Bloodless Mary 
Without tomato juice
Bleeding Mary 
Without tomato juice, 1:1 Tabasco to vodka.
Screaming Emo 
Traditional Bloody Mary, but with a habanero pepper added to it for more heat.
Screw Mary 
Equal parts vodka, orange juice, and tomato juice or V8, spiced to taste.