Bahai Education/Counsels to Students

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IX-100. COUNSELS TO ALL STUDENTS[edit | edit source]

a. advise each other with the utmost consideration: SW VII:18, 183-184

b. daily watch your words and deeds: SW VII:18; SW IX:8

c. the sacred duties of children towards their parents are revealed in the Book of God: TAB:II:262-263 1) parents are worthy of esteem: TAB:II:463 a) have due regard for the rights of parents: Baha'u'llah, Compilation of Compilations, I, #821 b) show honour to parents and pay homage to them: Baha'u'llah, Compilation of Compilations, I, #824 c) seek diligently to ensure the comfort and welfare of his loving father...constantly strive to bring gladness to the hearts of his father and mother: 'Abdu'l-Baha, in Family Life, p. 10 d) comfort thy mother and endeavor to do what is conducive to the happiness of her heart: TAB:II:262-263 2) be kind and obedient to parents: TAB:III:551 a) obedience to parents depends on them being reared religious: Baha'u'llah, in Bahá'í Education, #14, p. 4 b) the son must show forth the utmost obedience towards his father: 'Abdu'l-Baha, in Family Life, p. 10 3) love parents equally: SW IX:8 4) prefer service to parents to service to the Cause: SWAB:#116, 140 a) Verily, We have enjoined on every son to serve his father: KA:Q104, 138 b) choose to serve parents if choice of this or service to Baha'u'llah: Baha'u'llah, Compilation of Compilations, I, #824

d. the prosperity of children depends on the good-pleasure of their parents: TAB:II:262,463

e. caress brother and sister: TAB:III:551

f. daily add to faith and assurance: TAB:III:551; SW IX:8, 89-96

g. be spiritual as well as well as physical son of father: TAB:II:342; SWAB:#117, 140

h. advance rapidly: SW IX:8

i. do not waste the opportunity of being born in this Day: SW IX:8

j. boys: manliness: SW IX:8

k. be humble: SW IX:8

l. love one another: SW IX:8

m. occupy selves in affirming reasons for truth of the Cause: SW IX:8

n. occupy selves in learning how to deliver the Word to everyone: SW IX:8

o. do not waste time in chattering, useless talk: SW IX:8

p. do not waste time in running around: SW IX:8

q. do not think of getting riches: SW IX:8

r. do not be puffed up with pride: SW IX:8

s. do not despise any being: SW IX:8

t. acknowledge your own faults: SW IX:8

u. work for the sake of God: SW IX:8

v. love Baha'u'llah more than you love parents: SW IX:8

w. strive to acquire a share of arts and sciences: SWAB:#119, 140

x. surpass all other children in arts and sciences, learning in a month what others learn in a year: SWAB:#119, 141

y. may they become accounted as professors in academies and teachers of wisdom in the school of inner significances: SWAB:#118, 140-141

z. be devoted to the service of mankind: SWAB:#120, 141

aa. become known for intellectual attainments: SWAB:#120, 141

ab. give up rest and comfort: SWAB:#120, 141

ac. if engage in the perfection of an art or acquisition of a science with all of your power then you are worshipping God: SWAB:#126, 144-145

ad. become perfect in profession and famous: SWAB:#128, 145-146

ae. become imbued with all the virtues of the human world...advance in all material and spiritual degrees...become learned in sciences, acquire the arts and crafts, prove to be useful members of human society and assist the progress of human civilization: PUP:92

af. be a cause of the manifestation of divine bestowals...devoted to the love and unity of mankind: PUP:92

ag. strive every nerve to acquire inner and outer perfections, knowledge, wisdom, spiritual perception and eloquent speech: Baha'u'llah, in Bahá'í Education, #9, p. 3

ah. study history and teachings of the Cause: Shoghi Effendi, Compilation of Compilations, I, #432

ai. strive to unravel mysteries of mind and spirit, to grasp secrets of Day of God, to inform self of evidences that the Most Great Name hath dawned, open lips in praise, adduce convincing arguments and proofs, teach the Faith: 'Abdu'l-Baha, in Bahá'í Education, #106, p. 43

aj. deepen knowledge, perfect selves in Bahá'í standards of virtue and upright conduct: on behalf of Shoghi Effendi, Dawn of a New Day, pp. 179-180

ak. try to grasp the true meaning of the teachings and not merely accepting them as something you are taught: on behalf of Shoghi Effendi, Compilation of Compilations, I, #493

al. every child without exception must from his earliest years must...according to his own tastes and inclinations and the degree of his capacity and powers, devote extreme diligence to the acquisition of learning: Shoghi Effendi, Bahá'í Education, #121, pp. 49-50

am. Bahá'í children and young people have great privileges and obligations ahead...prepare yourselves for this great task by trying to grasp the true meaning of the teachings and not just merely accepting them as something you are taught: on behalf of Shoghi Effendi, Bahá'í Education, #148, p. 59

IX-200. COUNSELS TO YOUTH[edit | edit source]

a. encourage youth to master and digest the facts recorded in Nabil's narrative as a basis for their future work in the teaching field, and as a sustenance to their spiritual life and activities in the service of the Cause: Shoghi Effendi, The Importance of Deepening our Understanding and Knowledge of the Faith, #78, p. 22

b. you who are present in your teens, or twenties, must realize that tomorrow, to a large extent, the burden of the Cause will rest on your shoulders; you will have to be the administrators and teachers and scholars of the Faith. Now is the time to prepare yourselves for your future the teachings deeply, their spiritual, moral, and administrative precepts, and at the same time take as active a part as possible in the life of your respective Bahá'í communities: on behalf of Shoghi Effendi, Dawn of a New Day, p. 183

c. need of modern youth is for ethics founded on pure religious faith: on behalf of Shoghi Effendi, Bahá'í News, #104 (12/1936), p. 1

d. in youthful years will make many decisions which will set the course of his life...opportunities to truly apprehend the teachings of their Faith and to give them to their contemporaries...overcome the pressures of the world and to provide leadership...exemplify in their lives the high moral standards set forth in the Bahá'í writings: Universal House of Justice, Wellspring of Guidance, pp. 92-93

IX-300. COUNSELS TO COLLEGE STUDENTS[edit | edit source]

a. Diary of Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, 2/15/1914, in SW IX:9, 97-104

b. Diary of Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, 4/15/1914, in SW VII:19, 183-184; SW IX:9; SW

c. Diary of Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, 4/17/1914, in SW IX:9

d. Diary of Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, 10/12/1914, in SW IX:9

e. Diary of Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, 7/15/1915, in SW IX:9

f. Diary of Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, summer 1915 ?, in SW XIII:5, 102-104

Other[edit | edit source]