Bad Science/Detox/Worksheet

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Scientific Claims in Advertising: Let’s Get Detoxed![edit | edit source]

Student Worksheet[edit | edit source]

Write down what you think DETOX means:

What is happening in the Aqua Detox process? Would you have it done?

Pour some distilled water into a beaker/bowl. Put the doll’s feet into this newly created footspa, and place the electrodes in. Connect the electrodes and switch on the power supply. Wait for a few minutes. What happens?

Now pour some salt into the water, stir to dissolve and repeat the experiment. What happens now?

From the results of your experiment, decide what you think is going on in the Aqua Detox equipment. What is the most likely source of the colouration in the water? Does your conclusion support Aqua Detox’s claims or Ben Goldacre’s article?

What further experiments would you carry out to confirm your conclusion?

What do you think about this treatment? What do you think about this kind of advertising?