Backpack Camping and Woodland Survival/Skills/Fire/Prevention

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Knowing how to prepare your campsite for fire is a very important part of fire prevention. Simply creating a fire ring from rocks and clearing away ground cover (like dry brush) are both a great start. If you have more resources and time, consider digging a hole in the fire ring as this will shield the fire from wind and prevent fire spread. Speaking of wind, do not create a fire when there is more than a light wind. Always take note of your wind situation (direction and speed). Heavy winds are an extreme fire hazard.

Locate the fire in your campsite:

  • In your direct eye sight, so you can keep a watch on the fire.
  • Where the wind is least likely to send smoke your way.
  • Away from camping equipment that might catch fire.
  • If possible, near a water source. This way you are prepared to put out the fire when you leave.