Ba Zi/Hidden Stems

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Hidden Stems in Earthly Branches[edit | edit source]

Each Earthly Branch in the four Pillars will have one or more Hidden Heavenly Stems.

in any
E3 H5, H1, H3
E4 H2
E5 H10, H5, H2
E6 H7, H3, H5
E7 H4, H6
E8 H4, H6, H2
E9 H5, H7, H9
E10 H8
E11 H4, H5, H8
E12 H9, H1
E1 H10
E2 H8, H6, H10

For example, if the Earthly Branch of the Month Pillar is E11, then the Hidden Heavenly Stems are H4, H5 and H8 for the Month Pillar. If the Earthly Branch of the Day Pillar is E10, then the Hidden Heavenly Stem is H8 for the Day Pillar.