BTEC IT Unit 20 - Website Design/HTML/Navigation

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Simple Navigation Bar (using a table)

<table width="100%">
      <td><strong><a href="home.html">Home</a></strong></td>
      <td><strong><a href="animals.html">Animals</a></strong></td>
      <td><strong><a href="exhibitions.html">Exhibitions</a></strong></td>

Navigation Bar (using a list)

In the

 <head> <style>
.one {
background-color:#5CAF50; /* change colour using hex*/

.two {
background-color:#6CAF50; /* change colour using hex*/

.three {
background-color:#7CAF50; /* change colour using hex*/

.four {
background-color:#8CAF50; /* change colour using hex*/

.five {
background-color:#9CAF50; /* change colour using hex*/

In the

   <li><a class="one" href="home.html"> Home </a> </li> 
   <li><a class="two" href="aboutus.html">About Us</a>  </li> 
   <li><a class="three" href="info.html">Information</a>  </li> 
   <li> <a class="four" href="gallery.html">Gallery </a>  </li> 
   <li> <a class="five" href="contactus.html">Contact us </a> </li>