BLL German/Vocabulary/Study subjects

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This list is not exhaustive. So far, it covers only the most common subjects. Feel free to add anything.

Study subjects
German Pronunciation English
Mathematik OGG mathematics
Informatik OGG computer science
Physik OGG physics'
Chemie OGG chemistry
Biologie OGG biology
Maschinenbau OGG mechanical engineering
Verfahrenstechnik industrial engineering
Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik aerospace engineering
Bauingenieurwesen civil engineering
Medizin OGG medicine
Psychologie OGG psychology
Philosophie OGG philosophy
Religion OGG religious education
Sprachen OGG languages
Geschichte OGG history
Geographie OGG geography
Betriebswirtschaftslehre OGG business studies
Volkswirtschaftslehre OGG economics
Soziologie OGG sociology
Politik OGG politics
Musik OGG music
Architektur OGG architecture
Kunst OGG art
Sport OGG PE, physical education