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This table gives you both the male and the female forms of each profession. Often the female form can be deducted by just adding -in to the male one, e. g. "Schauspieler"(actor) becomes "Schauspielerin"(actress). Sometimes this addition precipitates a vowel change in the rest of the word, the -in replaces a few letters of the male word or the change is completely different. For those cases, I shall provide the full female profession name next to the male one.

Professions (male/female)
German English
Angestellter / Angestellte employee
Anwalt / Anwältin lawyer
Apotheker / -in pharmacist, chemist
Architekt / -in architect
Arzt / Ärztin physician, doctor
Bauer / Bäuerin farmer
Bäcker / -in baker
Beamter / Beamtin civil servant
Briefträger / -in postman
Buchhalter / -in accountant, bookkeeper
Dolmetscher / -in interpreter
Fahrer / -in driver
Feuerwehrmann / Feuerwehrfrau fire fighter
Fremdenführer / -in tourist guide
Handwerker / -in craftsman
Ingenieur / -in engineer
Journalist / -in journalist
Kaufmann / Kauffrau merchant, businessman
Kassierer / -in cashier
Krankenpfleger / Krankenschwester male nurse, nurse
Kellner / -in waiter / waitress
Koch / Köchin cook
Lehrer / -in teacher
Maler / -in painter
Musiker / -in musician
Politiker / -in politician
Psychiater / -in psychiatrist
Putzfrau (male form unusual, use "Raumpfleger" instead) cleaning woman
Rechtsanwalt / Rechtsanwältin lawyer, attorney-at-law
Richter / -in judge
Sekretär / -in secretary
Sportler / -in sportsman
Schriftsteller / -in writer, author
Soldat / -in soldier
Tierarzt / Tierärztin veterinarian
Verkäufer / -in salesperson
Vertreter / -in representative
Übersetzer / -in translator
Zahnarzt / Zahnärztin dentist
Busfahrer/in Busdriver
Shauspieler/in actor/actress
chef/in Boss
student/in Student
Programmierer/in programmer
Hotelfachmann/Hotelfachfrau hotel manager
Tänzer/in Dancer
Metzger/in Butcher
Mechaniker/in Mechanic
Reporter/in Reporter

This list isn't exhaustive. Feel free to contribute more professions or sound files for the existing ones.