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In Basic, code is documented in one of two ways:

  • The REM statement
  • an Apostrophe: (')

Either of these two methods will result in treating the rest of the line as a comment.

As with most forms of code documentation, it needs to be used as programs grow larger and to help identify the purpose of a given section of code. It is unnecessary to document every individual line, but should give enough information such as the purpose of a given function or why a certain statement may be needed.


Example 1 (qBasic)

10 PRINT "Hello World!"
20 REM This code will display Hello World! to the display.
30 END

Example 2 (freeBasic)

print "Hello World!"
'This code will display Hello World! on the screen


This will allow you to create a Remark statement that will not be visable to the user, but will be visable when the code is reviewed.

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