Azerbaijani/Contents (Latin)/Possessive Pronouns and Suffixes

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Possessive Adjectives/Possessive[edit]

My Mənim
Thy Sənin
His/her Onun
Our Bizim
Your Sizin
Their Onların

In Azerbaijani, Possession contains two parts: possessor and possessed. The possessor is a noun or a pronoun in genitive case: mənim (my), sənin (thy), bacımın (my sister’s) etc. and possessed is a noun that has possessive suffixes: anam (my mother), qardaşın(thy brother), ata(his/her father). For example: Mənim bacım (My sister). Sənin bacın (Thy sister). Onun bacı(His/her sister). Bizim bacımız (Our sister). Sizin bacınız (Your sister). Onların bacı(Their sister).

Possessive Suffixes[edit]

Persons Suffixes Persons Suffixes
Mənim (ı)m, -(i)m, -(u)m, -(ü)m

kitab+ım (my book)

dəftər+im (my notebook)

yazı+m (my writing)

üz+üm (my face)
Bizim -(ı)mız, -(i)miz, -(u)muz, -(ü)müz

kitab+ımız (our book)

dəftər+imiz (our notebook)

yazı+mız (our writing)

üz+ümüz (our face)
Sənin -(ı)n, -(i)n, -(u)n, -(ü)n

kitab+ın (thy book)

dəftər+in (thy notebook)

yazı+n (thy writing)

üz+ün (thy face)
Sizin -(ı)nız, -(i)niz, -(u)nuz,-(ü)nüz

kitab+ınız (your book)

dəftər+iniz (your notebook)

yazı+nız (your writing)

üz+ünüz (your face)
Onun -(s)ı, -(s)i,-(s)u,-(s)ü

kitab+ı (his/her book)

dəftər+i (his/her notebook)

yazı+sı (his/her writing)

üz+ü (his/her face)
Onların -(s)ı,-(s)i,-(s)u,-(s)ü / -ları, -ləri

kitab+ı / kitab+ları (their books)

dəftər+i / dəftər+ləri (their notebooks)

yazı+sı / yazı+ları (their writings)

üz+ü / üz+ləri (their faces)
(note that “s” is a connecting consonant and is added when
the word ends in a vowel -
Note that –lar, -lər are plural suffixes. In Azerbaijani they are used if the possessed is plural. If the possessed is singular the plural suffixes are not used.

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