Azerbaijani/Contents (Latin)/Definite and Indefinite Articles

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The Definite and Indefinite Articles[edit]

§ 1. There is no Definite Article in Azerbaijani ; all nouns, when used alone in a sentence, are usually considered as definite. Ex.: ata the father, ana the mother, qardaş the brother.

§ 2. The Indefinite Article is bir a, an. Ex. bir at a horse, bir it a dog, bir qız a girl, bir adam a man.

§ 3. The Adjective always precedes the noun. Ex. gözəl beautiful, yaxşı good, pis bad, gözəl qız the beautiful girl, yaxşı adam the good man, bir pis oğlan a bad boy. However, the adjective more commonly precedes the indefinite article: pis bir oğlan a bad boy.

§ 4. The Azerbaijani Substantives have no difference of termination to express their Genders: all inanimate things are Neuter: and living creatures have either different names to express their sexes; as, kişi the man, qadın the woman, buğa the bull, inək the cow or they are formed by prefixing erkək for the Masculine, and qız or dişi for the Feminine as erkək pişik the male cat, qız pişik or dişi pişik the female cat.