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This page will teach you the Azerbaijani (also known as Azeri Turkish) alphabet, or əlifba. As you may have already noticed, this book will teach you the Latin version of Azerbaijani, so the alphabet shouldn't be too hard to get to grips with.

Əlifba[edit | edit source]

Letter Name of
the letter
IPA Pronunciation of the letter (English approximation)
A a a ɑ Like a in father
B b be b Like b in bad.
C c ce ʤ Like j in jump.
Ç ç çe Like ch in church.
D d de d Like d in duck, but slightly softer.
E e e e Like e in ten.
Ə ə ə æ This letter does not match its IPA value (a in about)! Like a in cat.
F f fe f Like f in four.
G g ge g' Like g in girl.
Ğ ğ yumuşaq ge ɣ You never find these at the beginning of words because they are always preceded by vowels. Has no exact English equivalent, but sounds same as French r. It is sort of similar to the Arabic ﻍ.
H h he h Same as the English.
X x xe x Like the kh in khan.
I ı ı ɯ Has no exact English equivalent. Somewhat similar io in nation.
İ i i ɪ Like i in it.
J j je ʒ Like j in dejavu.
K k ke k Like the c in cat.
Q q qe g Slightly softer g. Pronounce it towards the back of your throat. Like the g in gun. Like x at the end.
L l le l Same as English.
M m me m Like m in more.
N n ene n Like n in no.
O o o ɔ Like o in odd.
Ö ö ö œ Same as the German ö in öfters. Closest English equivalent is possibly the i in bird.
P p pe p Like p in port.
R r re ɾ Same as the r in rat.
S s se s Like s in six.
Şş şe ʃ Same as the English sh as in sheet.
T t te t Like the t in ten, but instead of the tongue touching the roof of the mouth behind the teeth, it should touch the teeth themselves.
U u u u Like the u in put.
Ü ü ü y Same as the German ü, or the French word eu. A close example would be the u in flute, or better yet, the ü in the English slang expression über.
V v ve v Same as the English.
Y y ye j Same as the English.
Z z ze z Same as the English.