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Ayurveda is ancient medical branch of India.It has given its definition as follow "Hita hitam sukham dukham manas tasya hita hitam Manach tach yatrokaday Ayurveda s oochay te ." This type of defissionary shlok of ayurveda we get into the charak samhita . While understanding the Ayurveda we must be know that we are made from panchmahabut . Human body has : 3doshas as follow 1.VATA 2. Pitta 3. Kapha While knowing this we get the question about what the mean of dish Acharya has given his definition as follow "Dushante te iti do shah:" In Ayurveda vat doesn't mean gases form in body . Gases formed inside the body due to the perirstaltic movement inside the body . But Ayurveda concept VAT not formed this way. It is main causative factor in body which causes the health & disease . Disease which occurred due to irregular propagation of vata no.is 80 VATA has its specific features or GUN are as follow: Tatra Rush Laghu Shit Khar Shukshma Challah cha AINila: