Automobile Repair/Research

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When in trouble remain calm. Go and buy the book (assuming that one is available, and you do not already own it) and use your resources fully. Ask mechanically inclined friends for pointers and only sometimes for help. If that is not possible try the library. They usually have auto repair manuals for many different makes and models. If you have struck out at the library you could try an internet search engine: blogs,forums and owner's clubs - be specific in terms of make, model, year of manufacture, engine size and type, even trim. Chances are somebody has the same or similar car and may have gone through similar problems or can help if you post questions. Lastly, when you finally find out what is wrong and you have to go and purchase parts, do shop around (online parts distributors, brokers and of course your local scrap yards) it is worth it. However some jobs are best left to the certified mechanic, especially if your vehicle is still under warranty. Be sure to keep all of your receipts, many new and used parts have very good warranties!!! Okay, good luck and I hope this information helps.