Automobile Repair/Radiator flush and fill

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IMPORTANT MAKE SURE ENGINE IS COOL * HIGH PRESSURE AND HOT COOLANT CAN CAUSE BURNS* There are several reasons for flushing your radiator but here are basics steps to complete this task. Gather these items prior to starting a flush.

  1. antifreeze coolant
  2. drain pan/bucket
  3. drain hose ( if needed )
  4. any other replacement parts i.e. rad cap, thermostat, hoses, radiator, etc.

Once you have your supplies start by ensure engine is cool. DANGER DO NOT OPEN HOT UNDER PRESSURE

  1. open rad cap slowly to relieve any pressure.
  2. open drain on bottom of radiator.
  3. cycle run water through system until clean (this can take awhile depending on engine condition.
  4. close drain. fill rad with coolant to specified level usually with engine running and rad cap off.
  5. fill over flow if required
  6. check for leaks.