Automobile Repair/Nissan/Maxima (4th Generation)/Replacing your door panels

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Tools/Parts needed[edit]

  • A Phillips-head screw driver
  • A small flat headed screw driver
  • A new door panel


  1. Use your flat headed screw driver to remove the screw cover in the door handle.
  2. Use you Phillips-head to remove the screw holding the handle to the door and pull the handle out.
  3. Now remove the door handle cover, using a flat headed screw driver and a rag to pry it away.
  4. If removing one of the front doors remove the two Phillips-heads at the bottom of the door, if not skip this step.
  5. Now the only thing holding the panel to the door is plastic inserts, start at the bottom of the door and carefully pull it away from the door. Take it one insert at a time up each side of the door.
  6. Once the bottom and sides are loose, the top should be the only thing holding it. To get the door panel off of the door lift the panel strait up.
  7. Now remove the wire the controls the window and also the one for the light (if its one of the front doors).
  8. Get new panel out and make sure you have all of the plastic inserts in the panel.
  9. Drop the new panel down onto the rail along the window wile holding the bottom of the door panel around 5" away from the door.
  10. Once the panel is on the rail work around the door pushing the inserts into the door.
  11. Put the door handle back and reinsert the Phillips-head and cover
  12. Reattach the wires for the switch and light (if its one of the front doors).
  13. Push the door handle cover back in place.