Automobile Repair/Nissan/Maxima (4th Generation)/How to Reprogramming Keyless entry

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If for some reason you keyless entry stops working for so reason or if you just lost you keyless entry remote and had to buy a new one. You might have to reprogram your remote.

Tools/Parts needed[edit]

  • Your car key
  • Your new or old keyless remote


  1. Get in your car and lock the doors.
  2. insert and remove you key from the ignition 6 times in 7-10 seconds.
  3. Your hazard lights will blink twice, put you key in the ignition and turn it to ACC (the one that only turns the radio on).
  4. Now push the lock button on the keyless entry, your hazard lights will blink again.
  5. Remove key and unlock drivers door, your keyless should now work.