Automobile Repair/Honda/Accord/Oil Change

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Performing an oil change on your own automobile can be a fun, albeit sometimes messy, and cost effective way to ensure long term reliability. Changing any given vehicles oil is a very basic procedure and, when done carefully, even the novice mechanic can complete the job in under 30-45 minutes. The first step to performing an oil change for the Honda Accord lies in the preparation. Ensure you have a quality floor jack with a weight rating of acceptable strength to lift the front of the vehicle. Once the vehicle is lifted jack-stands will also be needed to support the car. Some other tools needed to complete the task include an oil filter wrench, a catch bin to recover the drained oil, and a set of metric sockets with a ratchet, or metric wrenches.

Of course you will also need to purchase new oil and a new oil filter as well. Most four cylinder automobile engines will call for around four quarts but always be sure to check the Honda specifications for the precise amount required. As stated before a new filter is needed as well and should at least meet if not exceed OEM quality for its contaminant trapping ability. This simply refers to the filters ability to trap particles which if left to circulate the oiling system, could damage critical engine components.

Once you have all the tools and parts needed to complete the procedure it's time to get to work. Begin by finding a solid level surface where the job can be performed. Once the car is in position turn off the engine and engage the emergency brake. Next, slide the floor-jack under the front of the vehicle being careful not to scrape the front valance as it tends to hang low on accords, this is particularly true for body styles from 1994 and later. The floor-jack must be squarely situated on the frame or cross-member to support the weight of the vehicle when it is lifted.