Autodesk 3ds Max/Modifiers

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Affect Region Modifier

Attribute Holder Modifier

Bend Modifier where are the functions

Bevel Modifier

Bevel Profile Modifier

Camera Map Modifier (Object Space)

Camera Map Modifier (World Space)

Cap Holes Modifier

Cross-Section Modifier

Delete Mesh Modifier

Delete Patch Modifier

Delete Spline Modifier

Disp Approx Modifier

Displace Modifier

Displace NURBS Modifier (World Space)[edit]

Edit Mesh Modifier

Edit Normals Modifier

Edit Patch Modifier

Edit Poly Modifier

Edit Spline Modifier

Extrude Modifier

Face Extrude Modifier

FFD (Free-Form Deformation) Modifiers

FFD (Free-Form Deformation) (Box/Cyl) Modifier

FFD (Free-Form Deformation) Select Modifier

Fillet/Chamfer Modifier

Flex Modifier

HSDS Modifier

Lathe Modifier

Lattice Modifier

Linked XForm Modifier

LS Colors Modifier (World Space)

LS Mesh Modifier

MapScaler Modifier (Object Space)

MapScaler Modifier (World Space)

Material Modifier

MaterialByElement Modifier

Melt Modifier

Mesh Select Modifier

MeshSmooth Modifier

Mirror Modifier

Morpher Modifier

MultiRes Modifier

Noise Modifier

Normal Modifier

NSurf Sel Modifier

Normalize Spline Modifier

Optimize Modifier

PatchDeform Modifier (World Space)

PathDeform Modifier (World Space)

PatchDeform Modifier

Patch Select Modifier

PathDeform Modifier

Physique Modifier

Point Cache Modifier

Point Cache Modifier (World Space)

Poly Select Modifier

Preserve Modifier

Projection Modifier

Projection Holder Modifier

Push Modifier

Relax Modifier

Renderable Spline Modifier

Ripple Modifier

Select By Channel Modifier

Shell Modifier

Skew Modifier

Skin Modifier

Skin Morph Modifier

Skin Wrap Modifier

Skin Wrap Patch Modifier

Slice Modifier

Smooth Modifier

Spherify Modifier

Spline IK Control Modifier

Spline Select Modifier

Squeeze Modifier

STL Check Modifier

Stretch Modifier

Subdivide Modifier

Substitute Modifier

Surface Mapper Modifier (World Space)

Surface Modifier

SurfDeform Modifier

SurfDeform Modifier (World Space)

Symmetry Modifier

Taper Modifier

Tessellate Modifier

Trim/Extend Modifier

TurboSmooth Modifier

Turn To Mesh Modifier

Turn To Patch Modifier

Turn To Poly Modifier

Twist Modifier

Unwrap UVW Modifier

UVW Map Modifier

UVW Mapping Add Modifier

UVW Mapping Clear Modifier

UVW XForm Modifier

VertexPaint Modifier

Vertex Weld Modifier

Volume Select Modifier

Wave Modifier

XForm Modifier