Aspies Book/What makes me an Aspie and others not

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What makes kitkatsavvy an Aspie[edit]

Hi, I am kitkatsavvy and I will list the points that make me an aspie:

I tend to obsess over mental health information.. i.e. phobias, disorders, and I was so bad that I believed everything I read and actually started 'feeling' real symptoms cause i was so absorbed in what i was reading.

I have a very good concentration span. I haven't timed it but once I spent 10 hours making a model without any breaks. I could go longer but I love my sleep.

I can sight-read music VERY VERY well (on brass instruments that is - I'm a brass player). Some people have told me I'm gifted in it, but all I see is just that the notes are just mathematical symbols in the language of music.

I am a very honest person and I don't know how to lie because I don't know how to read body language very well and I always give myself away if I lie anyway.

This isn't a direct one.. but I don't drink because I don't see the point of people drinking alcohol and then spewing up.. WHY?

Certain high pitched noises such as fire alarms, mobile phone ringtones, people touching me when I don't know they are there etc., make me JUMP in the air because I am very sensitive to sounds like that.

What makes Sibylle an Aspie[edit]

Well, what is it that makes me an Aspie?

I have a hell of a time if somebody does things different than I do, especially when it is at my home. I used to think this is because I think things through and do them on a logical way, but now I think it is more likely because of Aspergers. I have a hard time watching someone's eyes. I got used to it, but when I'm tired it gets harder to do (some people are easy and some are very hard work to watch their eyes). I used to believe every word exactly as it was said when I was younger. When I found out that people almost always do kind of comforting lies, I began to be very critical on everything someone sais and try to find out what his or her intentions might be. I need to think about peoples motives instead of just feeling them, but then I got quite fast in that so nowadays almost nobody notices. I had to learn to smile, frown and make the face that would meet my feelings when I was a teenager. I found out at that time that my face did not look as lifely as anyone else's face (especially of cause actresses faces) seemed to look like and so I sat down in front of a mirror and tried out what looks I liked and what not. Whatever I'm interested in, starts to become an obsession after a short while. I got so much things now, I had to drop a lot of them because I don't have enough time. I try to know everything about a subject I'm interested in. Over the years this have been: cats, dogs, wool/spinning/weaving, pottery, doing water color paintings, doing portraits (very hard thing to watch a face for such a long time), gardening/plants, biology (especially genetics), kids (when I started to have some), healthy food and a lot more I forgot over the years. I feel uncomfortable in any crowd (that is more than at least 6 people). And I have the biggest personal space of all people I know, that means when talking to someone else it's me who walks backwards to keep distance. There are times that I think it would be ok if one put me in single-prison, giving me enough to eat, all the books I want and a computer with internet. But then I remember I would miss my garden-plant-obsession thing, so this is no option. I put a lot of time and work into being able to act normal only to be accepted when I was a child and teenager, but never was. I am very sensible to smell and it makes me sick going to a perfumery or smelling someone's aftershave/perfume too intense (well, I can smell it even when nobody else does, so it's me and not only people who put on too much of that stuff), on the other hand I love smelling flowers and natural odours (no, not the ones sweating men produce) like grass and the woods after rain and so on. I'm also sensible to certain sounds.