Artificial Intelligence for Computational Sustainability: A Lab Companion/Deterministic Planning and Problem Solving

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Exercise for Planning as Constraint Satisfaction: Commuting to UBC[edit | edit source]

This is one of a set of practice exercises that were designed for the AI intro courses at UBC. It relies on two online resources: the textbook by Poole and Mackworth, 2010 and AIspace, an interactive tool for learning and exploring concepts in AI.

Learning Goals[edit | edit source]

Useful in Learning both about Planning and Constraint Satisfaction

  • Represent a planning problem with the STRIPS representation.
  • Translate a planning problem represented in STRIPS into a corresponding CSP problem
  • Solving a CSP by Arc Consistency and Domain Splitting

Sustainability Content[edit | edit source]

The exercise is about planning how to commute to work. Once the planning problem is expressed as a constraint satisfaction problem a simple constraint can be added to make the solution a sustainable one.

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