Artificial Intelligence/Preface

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Artificial Intelligence is a vast field encompassing issues that require more space than a single book on the topic. With inspiration from multiple fields of knowledge such as neurology, psychology, philosophy and literature to say the least; artificial intelligence is an amalgamation of yet more refined subjects which are briefly described in this book. The authors of this book have tried their best to provide you with the most relevant and accurate information presently available. Please feel free to discuss on this book's discussion page.

Applications of AI[edit | edit source]

AI has a wide spectrum of applications including natural language processing, search engines, medical diagnosis, bioinformatics and cheminformatics, detecting credit card fraud, stock market analysis, classifying DNA sequences, speech and handwriting recognition, object recognition in computer vision, game playing, machine learning and robot locomotion.

Some scientists and Futurologists predict that in near future AI will make digital human, artificial life and artificial immortality possible.