Art Tutorials/Traditional Media/Drawing/How to draw a face

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  • Draw a circle.
  • Draw a light vertical line at the center of the circle.
  • Make light horizontal dashes a little above the center of the circle.
  • Draw another light horizontal line just below the dashed lines.
  • Draw the jaw-line of your character at the bottom half of the circle. Where it meets at the center vertical line it should basically look like a big "V" in the end.
  • Draw two vertical lines at the base of the jaw to make the neck.
  • Add the eyes at the horizontal line with the eyebrows going up to the dashed horizontal line.
  • To draw the eyes, make a half-oval shape. Then draw a horizontal line underneath the oval. Place a black dot in the middle for the pupils.
  • Make your nose along the vertical line and end with the mouth just below it.
  • To draw the nose, draw a slanted line going down to the right, then draw another smaller slanted line going down to the left. *Nostrils are generally triangular shaped.
  • Draw the ears as high as the dashed line and about as low as the nose.
  • To draw the ears, make half-oval shapes on the side of the head.
  • Make the hairline above the dashed line to show were the hair stops. You can make the hair however you want.
  • Trace over the head with a pen if you wish.
  • Erase any extra lines, and you now have a human head.