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AHI - Audio Hardware Independent[edit | edit source]

The preferred audio application interface on AROS is AHI. Most (and hopefully all future) applications use AHI for audio playback and capturing. AHI's settings can be accessed at SYS:Prefs/AHI.

AHI provides a set of "Units" for applications to use for sound play back or capturing.

After booting AROS for the first time, you have to set audio modes for AHI's Units, see next paragraph.

AHI Units and audio modes[edit | edit source]

After setting or changing a Unit's audio mode, hit "Use" to use the mode for this session, or "Save" to keep it permanently.

AHI supported devices[edit | edit source]

[table: device / playback / capture / duplex]

AHI project & author[edit | edit source]

AmigaOS legacy audio application interface[edit | edit source]

Applications using direct AmigaOS style device access are not affected by AHI settings. Playback volume, rate, etc. will depend on the application's settings, and may interfere with applications using AHI.

Applications using legacy audio interface[edit | edit source]

MIDI support[edit | edit source]

Supported devices[edit | edit source]