Arithmetic/Reading Decimal Numerals

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The word and is used only for the decimal point; And is also used to separate a whole number and a fraction. A comma is used at every third place, starting at the decimal point and moving left.[1][2] Frequently a comma or space is used at every third place moving to the right of the decimal point.

Additionally, no comma is used before and. Also, all decimals end in ths except unitary decimals that end in th.

Alternatively, you may say the whole number, followed by a Point and the digits of the decimals from leftmost to right. This is a much more natural and informal way of saying numbers.

Decimal numeral Reading thereof Alternative
Two million, six hundred ninety-seven thousand, seven hundred eighty-seven and eighty-four hundredths Two million, six hundred ninety-seven thousand, seven hundred eighty-seven point eight four
Two thousand, nine
One thousand, nine hundred eighty-seven
Six hundred eighty-four thousandths Zero point six eight four
Seventeen and four hundredths Seventeen point zero four
One tenth Zero point one
Four and three tenths Four point three
one ten-thousandth Zero point zero zero zero one
five and eight millionths Five point zero zero zero zero zero eight
seventy-three hundred-thousandths Zero point zero zero zero seven three

References and notes[edit | edit source]

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