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Translation Exercises[edit]

Exercise 1[edit]

book كِتابُ
from مِن
school مَدرَسةُ
notebook دَفتَرُ
airport مَطارُ
with مَعَ
near قُربَ
city مَدينةُ
in في
above فَوقَ
apartment (suite) شُقّةُ
apartment (building) عِمارةُ
chair كُرسيُّ
ground أَرضُ
table طاوِلةُ
under تَحتَ
teacher مُعَلِّمُ
  1. الكِتابُ مِن المَدرَسةِ.
  2. الدَفتَرُ مِن المَطارِ.
  3. الكِتابُ مَعَ الدَفتَرِ.
  4. المَطارُ قُربَ المَدينةِ.
  5. المَطارُ في المَدينةِ.
  6. الشَمسُ فَوقَ الـأَرضِ.
  7. الكِتابُ في الشُقّةِ.
  8. العِمارةُ في المَدينةِ.
  9. الكُرسيُّ عَلى الـأَرضِ.
  10. الكِتابُ عَلى الطاوِلةِ.
  11. الطاوِلةُ تَحتَ الكِتابِ.
  12. المُعَلِّمُ في المَطارِ.



1. The book is from the school.
2. The notebook is from the airport.
3. The book is with the notebook.
4. The airport is near the city.
5. The airport is in the city.
6. The sun is above the earth.
7. The book is in the apartment.
8. The apartment building is in the city.
9. The chair is on the ground.
10. The book is on the table.
11. The table is under the book.
12. The teacher is in the airport.