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Translation Exercises[edit]

Exercise 1[edit]

book ُُكِتابُ
my ـي
new جَديدُ
car سَيّارةُ
cheap رَخيصُ
far بَعيدُ
restaurant مَطعَمُ
his ُـه
computer حاسوبُ
expensive غالِ
your ـكَ
your (to a female) ـكِ
bad سَيِّءُ
here هُنا
hospital مُستَشفى
close قَريبُ
small صَغيرُ
  1. كِتابِي جَديدُ.
  2. سَيّارَتِي رَخيصةُ.
  3. مَطعَمُه بَعيدُ.
  4. سَيّارَتُكَ بَعيدةُ.
  5. حاسوبُه غالِ.
  6. مَدرَسَتُه جَيِّدةُ.
  7. مُعَلِّمُكَ سَيِّءُ.
  8. مَدرَسَتُنَا هُنا.
  9. المُستَشفى قَريبةُ.
  10. مَطعَمُكَ صَغيرُ.
  11. دَفتَرُكَ صَغيرُ.
  12. مَطعَمُه رَخيصُ.



1. My book is new.
2. My car is cheap.
4. Your car is far.
6. Your school is good.
8. Our school is here.
10. Your restaurant is small.
12. His restaurant is cheap.