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  1. L kita'b(u) mawju'd(u)(n)
  2. L kursiy(yu) mawju'd(u)(n)
  3. L 7a'suwb(u) 3'air(u) mawju'd(i)(n)
  4. L~tilmi'd'(u) mawju'd(u)(n)
  5. L qalam(u) mawju'd(u)(n)
  6. L ma77a'ye(tu) 3'ayr(u) mawju'de(ti)(n)
  7. L kalime(tu) 3'ayr(u) mawju'de(ti)(n)
  8. L ma6a'r(u) huna'k(a)
  9. L ma63am(u) mawju'd(u(n))
  10. L tilmi'd'(u) huna'lik(a)
  11. L madrase(tu) huna'
  12. L ma6a'r(u) 3'air(u) mawju'd(i)(n)