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Plan for the Arabic Language Wikibook[edit]

Phrase display[edit]

Provide the phrase/sentence/clause in arabetics:

ذهب الولد إلى المدرسة

Provide: Transliteration representing the phonemes: Dħahaba el waladu ilaà el madrasäti.

Transliteration representing newscast pronunciation: dħa-ha-bal-wa-la-du-i-lal-mad-ra-sa

Stopping pronunciation: dħa-hab al-wa-lad i-la al-mad-ra-sa

Non-stopping pronunciation: dħa-ha-bal-wa-lad-i-lal-mad-ra-sa-ti

Book Divisions[edit]

  1. Alphabet
  2. Basic Words and Reading, Subject Pronouns, Possessive adjectives
  3. Sentence fragments, questions, and basic sentences
  4. More sentences, Verbs
  5. Vocab and Morphology
  6. Verbs in depth


  1. Nouns
  2. Adjectives
  3. Two-word equational sentences
  4. Two-word Sentence Fragments (Adding adjectives)
  5. Three-word equational sentences
  6. Relative Pronouns: haadhaa, haadhihii
  7. Question words: what,and "hal"
  8. Subject Pronouns: anâ, anta, anti
  9. Making a equational sentence negative: laisa
  10. Linking verbs: badaa,
  11. More Linking Verbs: sžaara, asžbahža صار, أصبح
  12. Past of to be:kaana, and Negative:
  13. Negation of past of to be: maa kaana ما كان, lam yakun لم يكن
  14. Verb: "dhahaba", and preposition "ilaa" (only "dhahaba", and "dhahabat")
  • Names of places: madrasa, maktaba,maktab
  1. Possessive adjectives: my, our, his, her
  2. Coordinate conjunctions: and, but, or
  3. Genetive construction (إضافة)
  4. Preposition: fii في
  5. ka, and mithlu كـَ, مِثْل
  6. huwa, hiya هو, هي


  1. to eat akala أكل
  2. to drink: sharaba شرب
  3. Introduce 1st Person perfect: ex. akaltu
  4. to arrive: jaa'a جاء
  5. to come: ataa أتى
  6. to run: jaraa جرى