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So what if we want to write the "a" sound in "fate". The fatHa alone will not do that job. In reality the "a" sound in fate, includes a "y" sound in it. So a fatHa followed by a yaa with no vowel on it will make the "a" sound in "fate". We transliterate this with "ai". Examples:

كَي (pronounced: kai ) Sounds exactly like the letter "k"

تـَي (pronounced: tai )

وَي (pronounced: wai ) Sounds exactly like the word "way"

مَي (pronounced: mai ) Sounds exactly like the word "may"

سَي (pronounced: sai ) Sounds exactly like the word "say"

More examples[edit]

مَيْكَي (pronounced: mai-kai )

تـَيْرَي (pronounced: tai-rai )

يَي (pronounced: yai )

يـِي (pronounced: yee )

تـَي (pronounced: tai )